The First Vodka To Be Sold Exclusively Online

Trying to sell vodka isn't always easy.  You have to go through things like "State Approvals" and "Liquor Boards" and "FDA Requirements That Make Sure You Don't Kill Anyone."

Bullocks to that.  Silver Mustang Vodka is cutting the red tape and sending their vodka directly to you, just like the Shamwow!  However, there's still some red tape that the government has to get involved in so they only ship right now to California and Nevada. 

Mustang vodka says that their vodka embodies "the living symbol of America's free spirit" and is, of course, made in Poland.  Which seems about right.

This stuff is only available online and it comes in a plain box, just like the toys from those other places you order, so your neighbors won't think that you're a complete lush.  The bottles come in a gift pack of 3 and, right now, that's the only thing you can order, but why would you want to order just one anyway?

Silver Mustang Vodka 3 Bottle Gift Set - US$99.00


Anonymous said…
They did try marketing this vodka in stores/bars initially here in Chicago, I saw it being tasted out at liquor stores on several occasions. Guess they needed a new strategy!

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