Justin Timberlake Launches 901 Tequila

Justin Timberlake could take a poop in a piece of tinfoil, roll it up, attach a couple of fish hooks to it, then sell it for $10,000 as earrings.  That JT, he's so hot right now.

He's now going to use his hotness to pimp tequila which is, if you think about it, the perfect pairing.  The tequila is sourced out of Jalisco, Mexico and is expecting to launch in LA, Las Vegas, St. Louis (???), and New York sometime this spring.

Why 901? A spokesperson for Timberlake explains that "901 is that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning."  I don't think that's really the case, because 9:01 is about the time American Idol comes on.  901 is also the area code of JT's hometown of Memphis. 

The link to the site must be a placeholder and is currently being used by the same people who are going to make the 901 Tequila.   But, for now, you get a big phallic bottle of tequila in its stead.

901 Tequila - US$40


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