Random Thoughts

- I'm surprised that bar week was last week in Vegas and that the most that came out of it were a few press releases that Blue Ice was going to do an organic spirit.

- I drank with Jeffrey Morgenthaler in Portland and lo, it was good.  His new menu at Clyde Common sounds fantastic (as is the current one) and we even got to try a few things out at another bar that blew my mind.  The difference between cocktail cultures in Portland and San Francisco?  The Portland bartenders are still friendly and don't treat you like you're cutting in to their "cocktail creation" time when you ask about the drink.

- I have Absolut Mango in my possession.  I know that it would be much easier to be a snob about it and write it off as another damned, flavored vodka, but it smelled nice and I'm sure it'll work well with something.  Just have to figure out what.  Their website isn't exactly rife with recipes but that's supposed to make it more fun, isn't it?  Besides, chicks will DIG this stuff and that's pretty much the only measurement I stick to as a bartender.  I'm very shallow.


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