Alcoholic Architecture Bar Pumps Gin And Tonic In the Air

Just the other day I was thinking to myself, "Self!  Wouldn't it be great if we could get good and pickled without all that nasty drinking?  The effort is just getting to be too much!"  Well, not one to sit idly by while a great idea comes through my head, I went on the Internet Service and found this!

Alcoholic Architecture is a bar in central London that promises to leave you "feeling slightly merry" after just 45 minutes of inhaling their specially blended gin & tonic.  No, not inhaling like your sister-in-law with a pound cake and a Hershey's bar in front of her.  Inhaling like literally breathing IN.  Though breathing out is also recommended, you may not want to as your lungs will be filled with vaporized gin and tonic. 

Here's a nice part:  You get to stay in there for an hour for ~US$7.25!!  That's a cheap drink.  No, not cheap like your sister-in-law's taste in fine cutlery which compels her to buy Ginsu, but cheap like "That's a good price!" 

Now, they do make you wear a plastic suit so you don't leave smelling like gin.  Which I don't understand. How come I wouldn't want to leave smelling like gin? 

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