Infusion Health Conscious Vodka Drink

It can be safely said that drink probably isn't going to be good for you.  I mean, it's good for you in the same way that the occasional weekend in Vegas or a plate of fried chicken is good for you, but not in the same way as say, a plate of broccoli or a Bloody Mary (those are good for you, right?  Especially if you use V8 instead of tomato juice).

Infusion vodka drink is 4% alcohol (That's 8 proof!) and talks about what's not in them rather than what is in them.  Notably there's no stabilizers, sweeteners, preservatives and artificial ingredients.  It comes in multiple flavors like Mango & Passion Fruit, Pomegranate & Blueberry and Vina Grape & Lime.  So yeah, they're for girls. 

Awwww, they're in the UK only.  Pack your bags! 

Infusion Drinks


We may be coming to teh states soon though - Keep your eyes peeled!

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