Square One Botanical Vodka

Square One loves vodka and the folks over there know how to do it right.  If you want to impress just about anyone then grab their Cucumber infused version and you'll spend the rest of the night drinking great gimlets.

The recently launched Square One Botanical is stepping up to the plate with some tasty sounding flavors as well.  It's infused with 8 botanicals including pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel.  It's potpourri in a bottle!

It doesn't say what pricing is but the other one's both sell for US$29.99, so you can probably expect that price range. 

Edit:  I just heard from the Square One crew that this stuff is 90 proof and not quite gin (no Juniper) so it's a "specialty spirit."  The extra processing makes it a bit more labor intensive so they're expecting to sell this for ~US$39.99.  

Square One Botanical


Ginologe said…
Thx for tagging it Vodka - its not Gin, not at all...

It looks to me as an abuse of "Gin" for selling Vodka.

Unknown said…
I think if they were trying to push it as a gin, then I'd agree with you. However, they're calling it a vodka just to put it in a category and I haven't seen anything from them that shows they're trying to compete with a gin. They know it doesn't have Juniper in it and wouldn't qualify as a gin.

The Square One guys are purists but go out on limbs too, when they sell a gin, you'll know it.

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