Vodka on the decline?

So, if you look at today's top bartenders, including all of the ultra-cool ones mentioned in the latest Playboy article, they never really got in to the vodka thing, but lots of other ones did and it was somewhat integral in bringing back the cocktail craze.

I think vodka was an important step to bringing us to the current renaissance of classic cocktails as well as helping us take baby steps to enjoying some of the more complex stuff that's out there right now. Vodka will always have a place at the bar and in a lot of drinks, but maybe not always as prominent as it was in the early 2000's.

The Wall Street Journal points out that there's been a significant decline in the sweet cocktails of yesteryear (3 years ago) and that it's not being taken over by any one liquor but by many. Gin, amari, and others that create tastes that are far away from the Sphincter-tini's we were all getting charged $15 for (oh, and I enjoyed quite a few of them).

The proof? Just take a look at Food & Wine's Cocktails '09 book. You'll see less of the sweetness and a lot more unique, balanced, and deep flavors.

A Welcome Sign of Vodka's Decline - WSJ


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