Find A Nice Bottle In Circle K's Wine Cellar

Ever get the hankering for a lotto ticket, a ThirstBuster, a cheesy taquito, and a nice Cabernet Savignon for later? 

Circle K has decided to get your well-rounded back by opening up a 100 square foot wine cellar in one of their stores in Costa Mesa, CA.  If it's successful (and why wouldn't it be?) then they expect to open more of them throughout their West Coast operations.  Sorry East Coast, I guess this means we really do have more class than you.

Wine prices range from US$5.99 to $90 and have multiple varietals.  More stores are possible but not all of them have the 100 square feet of prime cheesy taquito space to give up for the cellar, so it will be on a limited basis. 

Circle K West


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