myOrder Lets You Order Remotely

Look!  An iPhone app!  These sure are rare!

How about bellying up to the bar without actually having to move your belly, thus allowing said belly to grow?  myOrder can help with that. 

myOrder is an iPhone app that allows you to order from inside your favorite bar/restaurant/snack shack.  The application uses the iPhone's faux-GPS to locate you, then you punch in your order, and voila!  Your order arrives without you having to stand four people deep and pray for a bartender's attention.  If you're a hot girl, this is not a problem for you.  If you're me, you don't drink much. 

There's only a limited amount of places that you can use it right now, like San Francisco and your house.  Except when your significant other gets the order at your house it's called a "text message" and you better damn well remember that you owe them one. 

You can pick up myOrder in the app store on iTunes.



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