Pukes and Staggers Board Game

This has to be the most contradictory press release I've ever received, which means I absolutely had to talk about it.

I got the note about a new game that is launching with a national "Stay At Home Tonight" campaign.  The campaign is against, of course, drunken driving, but also against, get this, binge drinking.

Here's where it gets fun, because Pukes and Staggers says that they "will have you laughing and drinking beyond imagination!" The game asks, "Have you ever tried to drink a beer upside-down, reveal an embarrassing story about yourself, or mix together every drink in the room?"

Well, yes, most people have. It's called "Saturday Night."

I'm not sure if this is the most brilliant tie-in to a random press release ever or such an unbelievable crock that I might have to tell Louis Black.  Drinking games can be a lot of fun but if you need a board game to figure out how to drink, you've already lost. 

Pukes and Staggers - US$24.95


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