The Martini FAQ

I get e-mails all the time from the drink snobs who look upon you in disdain as you order a mojito or couldn't bear the thought that sometimes you just want to drink a damned gin & tonic.  Not everything needs to have absinthe in it or be some homemade liqueur that you fermented inside the ass of a goat using old chardonnay barrels. 

Hey folks, you're at  Sure, I cover the drinks that have things like a "flavor profile" but that doesn't mean I don't still love my martinis.  And what we all need every now and then is a good old Martini FAQ. 

Read it.  Learn it.  Live it. 

The Martini FAQ


If there is any lesson to be learned in these times, it is that less is more! Why should cocktails be any different? Mmmm, is 2:00 too early for a martini?
your site is really great and very informative.
wickenden said…
I love the faq.
Ashley Lauren said…
Long live the cocktail!
BradGad said…
Hi Rick. I wrote The Martini FAQ. Thanks for the thumbs-up! Regards, BradGad

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