Need To Re-Hydrate? Grab A Beer!

There's just something about a beer after a hard workout.  It always goes down smooth and seems to be a great fit.

Now, you don't have to worry about all those petty commenters who tell you that you're hurting yourself!  Apparently, beer's bubbles, sugars, and cold-filtered marketing using hot girls all work together to help you re-hydrate fast.  How fast?  FASTER THAN WATER AND THAT'S FAST!

The study, from Spain, had 25 students running on a treadmill in a room with a temperature of 104 degrees.  They ran to the point of exhaustion and then measured their hydration levels and found that the ones drinking beer to re-hydrate were able to regain their lost water faster and were more quickly quenched of their thirst.  Also, they showed significant improvement in their Flip-Cup team.

It's Better To Drink Beer After Exercise Than Water


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