Oxley Gin

I, for one, am glad for something as complex and wondrous as gin and it helps the world turn in to Drunky McDrunkerson with a bit of class and taste.  You can't shotgun it but you can put a nice sweet vermouth in it and step off-campus for a bit.

Oxley gin is not easily made and it's probably not for you.  First, they hand spoon their macerated grain in to the kettle but then they do something you weren't expecting.  Well, unless you were expecting them to create a vacuum that causes the alcohol to vaporize at -5°C. In the true manner of distillation, the vapor passes through a colder probe at -100°C where it changes back to a liquid.  If that's what you were expecting, then you were right. 

They only make 120 bottles of the sweet juniper goodness a day and only for 4 days a week, so you probably won't get one.  Hell, I probably won't get one and I'm friggin' popular.

The stuff is launching in SoCal with no price set yet.  The bottle comes with a galvanized tin bucket around the bottom and a leather cord fashionably twisted around the neck.  Cuz, you know, that's pretty cool.

Oxley Gin


Erica said…
When I'm not drinking wine, I'm drinking gin so hopefully at some point I'll get a chance to taste this. Looking to get a new bottle of gin anyway, seeing that I've broken two bottles of Hendricks in about 4 months (long story).
Stevie said…
hmmm I just wrote a post about it. I think this sounds amazing. My fear is that it will be 75 bucks a bottle.. and means I would be making cocktails by the teaspoon full of gin....which makes no sense at all when you want a decent gin-based cocktail
Stevie said…
I just wrote about this brand- and featured great recipes and photos. Now that fact that I had no price just dawned on me and while I want to try this gin, if it's $75 a bottle, that means I would be making cocktails with a teaspoon of gin per cocktail-- which defeats the purpose of a good gin cocktail.
Unknown said…
Stevie: It's available in most states now for $39.99

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