Starbuck's Gives You Your Morning Booze Fix

So, how do you save Starbucks now that everyone is serving coffee that's pretty good and making fun of Starbuck's for still charging you 4 bones for a cup?

Well, take away the logo, take away the marketing, and then start serving booze. 

Starbuck's is taking one of their stores in Seattle that was supposed to be closed down and turning it in to the very thing they put out of business, a nice, local coffee shop.  Also, one that's going to serve wine and beer.  Keg stand competitions may be in the works (I'm just kidding.  No, I'm not.  Yes, I am).

I'm already getting my drink order ready:  "Yes, I'd like a half-caf, double-decaf, no foam vodka Red Bull with a twist of lemon and 3 cubes."

Go you Huskies!

Starbucks Tests Alcohol Sales


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