Three O Bubble Gum Vodka

Three O Vodka is pulling out all the stops.  They got Kim Kardashian to launch their latest vodka and even found a clever flavor to launch, Bubble Gum. 

You know what this means:  The entire world of drunk college girl shots is going to really take-off now, because those same girls are just so over watermelon shots and Purple Hooters. 

Considering how amazing I am at mixing stuff, I'm sure that I could find some way to make this awesome.  Like...I could put it in ice and shake it and serve it in something pink.  Or I could I could put it in a tiny glass with a single pink ice cube.  The options are endless!

Three Olives Tomato Vodka is great for Bloody Mary's.  The Root Beer one is fun to make a few things with.  I'm wondering how this one will really do. 

Three Olives Bubble
- US$22.99


Anonymous said…
The Three Olives girls were at a local bar giving the sample shots away, very creepy how it was like drinking a Bazooka Joe stick of gum!
Ashley said…
Last night I had a bubblegum at a small family owned restaraunt I frequent. The owner mixed this with 7-up and it was rather tasty!
Jen said…
Mix it with cranberry juice and sprite and it tastes like a cherry blowpop.
bbrian12 said…
remember "crystal comfort"
they pulled it years ago
it was bubble gum flavored liquor and it was over 100 proof

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