Absolut's New Bottles

Absolut's been busy over the last month. 

The next city flavor up?  Boston!  Of course, it's green tea flavored (because Baked Beans would have been just weird) and it throws in a hint of Elderflower (Yup, just like St. Germain).  I've been drinking a bit of the bottle over the past few weeks and it's absolutely gorgeous, even though the flavors don't seem like they'd fit, it's a nice concoction.  A full review is to come.

Absolut Naked is a bottle without much on it.  It has no label and it's out there as a statement against labels.  The bottle's "stark naked" and it's about going against prejudice and stereotypes.  Look for it in your favorite Duty-Free store. 

Finally, there's Absolut Rock.  It's in celebration of Woodstock all-those-years-ago.  You know, the concert with crappy sanitation, STD's, and a bunch of people who wish they could bring it all back again.  Absolut Rock looks more like a bottle doing a bit of S&M but maybe those two things are synonymous?  This one should be widely available starting in late September. 



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