Disney and Tequila: Finally Together!

Disney's had their fair share of alcohol attractions in their Downtown Disney areas but now they're doing the exact right thing for the average park goer:  They're opening up a tequila bar inside of Epcot Center.

La Cava del Tequila is going to offer up 70+ types of tequila and small plates to help you try to not get absolutely hammered as you go sipping through the menu.  They'll even have a "Tequila Ambassador" on hand to teach you about tequila.  For an extra Fiver he'll pour some tequila straight in your mouth, blow a whistle, and shake the hell out of your head.  Just don't blame him when you wake up next to a co-ed who's singing "I'm Like A Bird" and crying about how you passed out.

Check it out in Epcot Center starting August 28.


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