Whisky Connosr Launches

The nice thing about web developers is that, sooner or later, they're going to build a website based on their interests and make it pretty nice.

Jean-Luc ThiƩbaut did just that with Connosr, the social networking site for whisky lovers. Now, because whisky snobs are, well, snobs, having their own site to talk about the vagaries of pungency and mouthfeel will keep Them off the backs of the gin drinkers. One can only hope.

The site allows you to setup your own profile and then works in a lot of the same ways that the wine cataloging sites work. You can write notes on spirits you've tasted, put in ones you'd like to taste, see what your friends are saying about their experiences, and be called a "Rookie" by those that disagree with you.

Check it out via the Web or iPhone.



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