Review: Absolut Boston

Flavored vodkas are so hit or miss.  I've found very few to be mediocre in nature, most of them are completely awful or pretty tasty and unique.  Luckily, Absolut Boston falls in to the latter category.  Absolut Boston is a black tea and elderflower flavored vodka that shows a bit of tongue-in-cheek, unlike some of the other flavors in their city category.

On The Eyes
The bottle is pretty straightforward and looks like your regular Absolut bottle but has "Boston" on it.  Easy enough.

On The Nose
This is kind of crazy:  It looks like vodka but smells like black tea. There's absolutely no scent of the alcohol or elderflower in there and it's that same refreshing smell that you get when you take a whiff of a cold, sun-made, iced tea.  Every person trying it had a response of "It smells gooooood."  'Nuff said.

On The Tongue
Well, it tastes like black tea.  Unfortunately, there's almost no hint of elderflower in there.  I'm an elderflower lovin' brutha thanks to St. Germain but I just couldn't find it in here and I tried.  Now, there is a bit of sweetness that could probably be attributed to the elderflower but that's about it.  If you get past this part of the vodka then you're going to be very pleased.  It has a lot of potential for some great cocktails using the black tea flavor.

On The Chest
It felt like most other vodkas do when I poured it on my chest.  However, I believe the black tea flavor may help with the removal of skunk scent should you need it.

On The Brain
How about a Long Island Iced Tea that actually tastes like iced tea?

Strong Island Iced Tea
2 oz Absolut Boston
1 oz Rum
1 oz Triple Sec
Splash of orange juice
Squeeze of fresh lemon

Assemble all ingredients in a tall glass with ice.

I just made that up!  I tried it!  It tasted good!  You should try it too!

Absolut Boston


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