All natural Nyquil with Southern Comfort

Nyquil is great for dealing with things like a cold, jet lag, or boredom, but did you know that it tastes like ass?  Actually, if your ass had an ass and you put paprika on it, then licked it, that's what Nyquil tastes like.

If only there was some way to make an all-natural version of Nyquil that didn't taste like the ass of an ass with paprika.  Now there is!

The good folks over at Hot Knives have put together a lively concoction that starts with Southern Comfort and only gets better from there. You'll need stuff like mint, green chili, ginger, and other goodies. Did I mention the Southern Comfort?

This one is all natural and even has a better commercial.  Follow the link below for the full recipe.

KniQuil from Hot Knivez on Vimeo.

All natural NyQuil - Hot Knives


Unknown said…
It's only the green nyquil (generic especially) that tastes like ass, the cherry flavored stuff is actually tolerable.

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