Whisky Bottle Has a Graphic Equalizer

Ballantine's is probably one of the world's best selling whiskeys but doesn't get much play when it comes to whiskey lovers who prefer a Scotch that tastes like you're licking a large stick that was recently encompassed in snails.  However, they sell a LOT of their stuff and they seem to be happy doing just that.

Their newest bottle is one that even the most outrageous of vodka companies are going to be angry at themselves for not thinking of first.  The bottle uses a power source and has an electroluminescent technology to make it look like a graphic equalizer that is reacting to the sound.  Contrary to reports, it's not actually reacting to the sound but moves the lights at random.

It would be cool to travel back in time and show this bottle to a T-Rex or something.  They would FREAK THE HELL OUT!  Okay, that might be too far back in time but it's a nice thought.  Maybe Abe Lincoln or something.

This stuff is shipping all over the freakin' world but there's no date set for it hitting the U.S. shores.  That's just weird because you KNOW that U.S. Americans would go crazy psycho for it.

Checkout the link to see a full line-up of these kind of bottles in action.

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