8 Tips to increase your cocktail IQ.

Tony Abou-Ganim has done more to advance the art of cocktails than Tonya Harding did for sex tapes.  Vanity Fair is covering the wildly popular Manhattan Cocktail Classic and one of the writers went and hung out with Tony and got some great tips from him about making drinks as well as going out drinking.

My favorite tip?  Ask for a Negroni.  If they don't know how to make it or tell you that Negroni isn't working tonight, then get a beer.  Now, not everyone likes Negroni's so maybe think of a cocktail you love and know how it's supposed to taste.  No, not Sex on the Beach.  Maybe an Aviation or a Sazerac, something with some culture.

Tony's obviously biased when it comes to East Coast vs. West Coast and, though he's done work in Las Vegas, hasn't spent enough time in our West Coast cities to make a valid argument.  If you think it's San Francisco vs. New York, then you're not even close. 

Check out his other tips on Vanity Fair's site.

Eight Tips for Improving Your Cocktail IQ - Vanity Fair


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