Girl's Best Vodka

Blackwood Distillery, the same company that is using vodka to finance whisky, is pushing out a new vodka for you to flash or just for giving to the martini loving girl in your life.

Billed as "The World's Most Glamorous Vodka" Diva is actually filtered, in part, through crushed diamonds and gems. Floating down the middle is a glass tube full of 6.5mm brilliant cut, round cubic zirconias. Use them for drink garnishes or tell her that they're real in order to detract from your time in prison. The options are endless.

Selling price is a little under $60 (£33.75) plus shipping from the UK.

Diva Vodka [Product site]
Blackwood Distillery [Corporate site]
Purchase it here []


SoW said…
funny.... Beyonce comes to mind.
Anonymous said…
It is sold on as well, cheaper postage than

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