Easy wrist opener

Here's something handy. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

This little baby attaches to your wrist like a watch and allows you to open up all those GOOD beers. You know, the ones that you can't just twist off the cap or pop the tab?

Perfect for bartenders or for that big party you're soon to throw. No more trying to keep track of your opener as things start to get busy.

Don't expect for me to post too much from this company though, their site is a pain in the ass for recommending stuff.

Leather Wrist Opener - $8.95 [Bar Supply]

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Anonymous said…
For some reason, the first two thoughts that came to mind when I saw this device were "slitting wrists" and "weapon". I think I'd personally prefer the Ring Thing from ThinkGeek.
Unknown said…
I agree, I actually covered that a bit back here

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