Your glass can get you laid

Over at Gizmag, they have an article about the latest in Picking Up On A Drunken Stranger technology, a growing field in the world of electronics. In the spirit of the Internet and all things that make a process even more impersonal (like the aforementioned robot bartender), these new glasses allow you to hook up through a digital display on the glass itself.

The glass basically allows you to see who's in the bar, view their profile, and even drop them a message. Believe me, there's nothing as exhilarating as messaging a person that is 15 feet from you. You can send the message then see the joy on their face as they read it! Priceless!

Priscilla Bernikowicz is the brainchild behind the Interactive Glasses and is looking for funding. The sad thing about all this? It's going to really take off.

The Connection Glass facilitates and enhances meeting compatible people - [Gizmag]
Connection Glass Homepage - [Product page]
Robot Bartender - [Martini Lounge]


Anonymous said…
What ever happened to an old-fashioned hello? I can't say I'll be using those glasses any time soon, but the technology is definitely impressive and neat.
Anonymous said…
i designed the thing - the good thing about it is it's still a glass so it has utility even if you don't care to message people...and you could play games on it or just stare at it if you're bored. it's a lava lamp.
Unknown said…
Great, so I can go out to a place full of people and have an excuse not to interact with any of them.

Don't get me wrong, I love the thing. It's just such a double-edge sword. So right now, I just love it to hate it. ;)

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