Bulldog Gin Review

Not so long ago, I introduced you to Bulldog Gin. The gin in the short, squat bottle that was released to coincide with the Chinese Year of the Dog. Shortly after the introduction, I received a bottle. Shortly after that, I drank pretty much the entire thing.

The Bottle
I sat this on top of the bar at my watering hole and pretty much every single person that came in asked what it was as one of their first questions upon entry. The short bottle is a far cry from all the other alcohols out there trying to to look lean and svelte.

The Smell
Man does this stuff smell like gin! This is a good thing. Bulldog isn't trying to be a crossover drink for vodka lovers. It doesn't want to make beer lovers feel all warm and cozy. Bulldog is a gin and damned proud of it. You can smell the Juniper and a few other flowers the second you take a whiff.

The Taste
To quote one of the other tasters "It sure is ginny." This London Dry Distilled Gin flaunts its flavors and makes you take notice. This gin was perfectly designed for the Dirty Martini (Bulldog marketing calls it a "Dirty Dog") and will mix very well with just about anything you'd mix with gin. A Gin and Tonic is normally fine with most gins because the tonic tends to smooth out anything with its sweetness, Bulldog Gin's taste came through the tonic and makes it a good partner for tonic.

The Verdict
This gin is ahead of its time but that also gives it good market positioning for when the drinking public decides they want something more than the gins that taste like vodka. It's definitely for the connoisseur drinker and not for the faint-of-heart. Give this gin a chance though and it'll be humping your leg. If it does start doing that, it's best to just ride it out. You don't want to piss it off.

Bulldog Gin


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