Metropolitan Martini's Review

In early November I introduced you to Metropolitan Martini's, the ready-to-drink martini-style drinks that come in packs of two are a killer concept that just mentioning them rolls right off the tongue.

A few weeks ago the company sent me some samples to knock back and I immediately threw them in the freezer and sat next to the door anticipating yanking them out and drinking a ready-made martini.

The Look
They come looking exactly like the picture and in a thin plastic casing that immediately rips open. The package I received had a mix in it, one Apple Martini and one Vodka Martini. My concern when I saw the Apple-Tini was that it was just too green, too fluorescent looking and looked more like a thick Kool-Aid. Uh oh.

Open Up
The plastic covering came off easily and the glasses had their individual coverings that made it so you could turn the glass any direction without spilling a single drop. They come with a tab on them that allow you to peel off the covering and it comes off with a simple pull, no tears and no peeling extra little pieces off the glass.

Take a Whiff
The smell is where we start going wrong. By "we" I mean my wife and I. I wasn't going to be caught with an Apple Martini in my hand, just in case the neighbor's were watching, so I handed that one off to her and took the Vodka Martini for myself. The smell brought me back to being a little kid and trying one of the new flavored cough syrups.

Take a Drink
The Vodka Martini must use a rather cheap vodka, I could barely choke it down. I put it in a shaker with ice and shook it up again and getting it a lot colder helped it taste a lot better, but still not something I'd recommend. The Apple-tini tasted thick and syrupy and had an even stronger cough syrup taste. Again, putting it back in a shaker with ice and pouring it again helped the taste somewhat, but it quickly turned back in to the syrup.

The Verdict
Perfect concept, poor execution. Everything about this product gave me warm fuzzies and had me excited that it was out there. It's sad that the actual taste fell so far short as to make the entire thing in to a gimmick. The taste of it just left too much to be desired and their idea of sneaking it in to the movies or the opera just didn't seem possible because it had to be really cold in order for it to taste passable. So, the whole thing gets a big "Needs Improvement" for me.

Metropolitan Martini's


Anonymous said…
Heh, you beat me to it. I'm planning on reviewing it this week. I tried hard not to read your review, so it doesn't influence mine.

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