Bud.tv, ready to die?

Waaaaaay back, a long, long time ago, all the way to February, Anheuser-Busch launched Bud.tv with the idea that taking someone out of their regular job and replacing them with a chimp would be the next big thing on the Internet Tubes and they'd sell more beer.

They spent about US$30 million (!!!) launching the site and keeping it moving and were hoping to get 2-3 million people a month. Imagine their chagrin when they saw the numbers at around 200,000 people a month. Further disappointment came as the sites' numbers fell even further to its current <100,000.

So, Mr. Busch said today that they'll probably just let the site die over the 2nd half of the year and use the content/contracts on some of their other sites. I think this is an important business lesson for us all: Your stuff shouldn't suck.

Is A-B Canning Bud.tv?


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