Cocktails on the Fly: Gin 209

Every bar in San Francisco seems to be carrying the Distillery 209 gin as it's born and bred right on one of the piers in SF. It's a decent gin (not as good as everyone keeps trying to tell me it is) but makes up in storyline what it might be lacking in ginny goodness.

I recently posted about Cocktails on the Fly and the host, Albert Straub, a web video production that covers how to make some unique drinks. Alberta's a pro bartender and she has some great takes on drinks and a pretty fun personality.

She came out from behind the bar to do a 3-part tour of the Distillery 209. Though the piece starts off a bit slow (she keeps looking at the camera, like she knows I'm there. She KNOWS, man!) she quickly gets in to her groove and does a great little piece on how gin is made and why 209 is unique.

Definitely worth a watch for anyone who wants to see a distillery in action.

Tour San Francisco Gin Distillery 209


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