G'Vine Gin, Best Gin in the U.S.

G'vine Gin, the gin made from grape flowers, placed first among all gins earning a gold medal for its “Exceptional” rating of 94 points at this year’s International Review of Spirits Competition by Beverage Testing Institute.

The Gin even beat my absolute favorite, Hendrick's, and Martin Miller's. Two incredible gin's, so it's in esteemed company.

I have a bottle of the stuff that I received for review and I haven't even tried it yet. Most of the other bloggers out there seem to like it and now it's got some real reviewer cred with it's recent win.

G'vine Gin


Anonymous said…
i have never tried gin but after reading the post would definitely want to give it a shot .
Anonymous said…
Better than Hendick's?
I'll be the judge of that :)
Looking forward to trying...

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