Absolut New Orleans drinks starting to be offered

Josie's in New York City is a place that I would expect to actually be located in San Francisco. It's a place full of fantastic, fresh ingredients and large portions that don't make you feel guilty when you look down at your plate and notice that you ate more than you usually eat in a week.

They're now using the limited edition Absolut New Orleans
to make a new drink and serving it up to their thirsty patrons. Hell, even the vegetarians that frequent the place want this.

I'm just kidding, Vegetarians. Seriously though. Eat meat.

Bourbon Street Lemonade
1 part Napa Valley Mango Puree
4 parts Fresh Lemonade

*Combine ingredients and shake vigorously.
*Pour into a cocktail glass over ice.
*Serve with fresh diced mango.

You can get it at both Josie's locations.


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