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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bambu Rum

David Kanbar's uncle was the founder of Skyy Vodka and he later became an executive at the company. Once he left Skyy, he started his own Gin and is now moving on to his own rum. The rum is labeled as "Rum for vodka drinkers" as it is triple-filtered and distilled four times. David's wife used to get rum headaches so he wanted to make a rum that he was sure wouldn't make her noggin crack.

The rum is made in the British West Indies, but because of the distillation and filtration process, it has to use a time-consuming slow distillation process in order to keep the characteristics of the sugarcane. It also means that the rum is made in very small batches, adding to each bottle's uniqueness.

The bottle itself is even a bit of a story. It is packaged in a cosmetic quality glass bottle with silk screened horizontal lines, a pink label and wood cork with a silver medallion.

Suggested retail is US$47.99, but you can find it cheaper online. Available right now in New York, Florida, and Connecticut.

Bambu Rum

1 Comment:

nstevens said...

After much anticipation I finally got my hand on a bottle and to my surprise was very disappointed. My wife is a big fan of Effen Vodka and I was hoping the was going to be an equal. It is not. The taste is not smooth at all and I found it to be no better than any other clear rum that you can get at the local grocery store. The only plus is that it's in a cool bottle and will serve more as a decoration on the shelf.