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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Camitz Swedish Sparkling Vodka

O2 Sparkling Vodka has recently started it's nationwide launch and now Camitz is coming in, hot on its heels as the next sparkling vodka.

The vodka uses a patented carbonated process that helps it retain the same "chemical dna" as the original vodka, except with bubbles. "Chemical DNA" is their term, not mine. If I was going to pick a term it would be "Cheeseburger with Avocado."

The vodka has already been picked up in NY by such great restaurants as Aureole and Le Cirque (You know, the restaurant where they secretly replaced the diners' regular coffee with Folgers Crystals). Maybe they should have made it pink, to increase attraction? Wait, someone already did that.

Camitz is rolling out everywhere soon for US$45 for a 750ml bottle.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka