Brockman's Gin

When any alcohol launches you are immediately inundated with a huge amount of PDF's that have recipes in it for the same old drinks you've always made but with the brand name put in to the recipe.  Either that or you get a slew of recipes with such obscure ingredients that you'll be traipsing through the Amazon looking for the proper flower to infuse.

Brockman's Gin cuts to the chase.  They want you to drink it.  Maybe with some ice.  Probably in a glass.  But whatever works for you, just don't put a bunch of crap in it that kills the taste of the gin.

Am I looking forward to an evening out with this gin?  Hell yeah.  I'll get it to go home with me, count on it.

Brockman's Gin


Dayne said…
Rick, have you actually tried this yet? What's it like?

I will say I think their website is fantastic, from a brand-image/style perspective. Hope the gin lives up to the expectations!
Anonymous said…
I've tried Brockmans with ginger ale at The Botanist on Sloane Square and it's truly delightfully refreshing. Over ice it's equally very smooth and I'd recommend it as a digestif. Dayne: I'd recommend you try some.
Anonymous said…
I tried this drink following your recommendation. I don't think it is even gin - in fact it has a very weird taste and my friend thought it very much headache inducing.
Unknown said…

I don't recall recommending it.

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