Review: Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon

This bottle of Jim Beam's Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon has been sitting around the house for a few weeks.  Matt Lauer's recent accident on his bike with a deer prompted me to drag it out and see how it went down.

The bottle looks like the standard Jim Beam type bottle but with a pair of deer antlers on it.  I imagine the first concept was to have the full deer on it but the rednecks in test groups wanted to shoot at it, so they removed the rest of the deer.

I'm a pretty big bourbon lover which means I was pretty ready to take a sip and then pour it down the drain.  I tried my first taste and felt a bit of the burn but was then pretty pleased with the cherry notes that weren't too heavy.  However,  my first few tastes felt a bit syrupy but I got used to it fairly quickly.  A few sips later I was thoroughly enjoying it and ready for another glass.

If you're looking to have a bourbon and coke this would definitely be a good choice. For something different, put it in a shaker with some ice, add a little Tia Maria and some Orange Bitters then serve it in a martini glass with an orange peel garnish and you'll have yourself a fine version of the Manhattan that is sure to please.

Red Stag's 80 proof Bourbon will be available to everyone this June so look for it just about everywhere.


Anonymous said…
Jealous panda...want to try.

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